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CDS participant Virginia (front) with her daughters Connie (left) and Debora (right).

We recognize CDS attendants Debora Simerly and Connie Thomsen!

We would like to spotlight two sisters who take exceptional care of their mother.

Debora Simerly and Connie Thomsen are fantastic attendants for their mother Virginia. Virginia said the girls are very close and know that Virginia’s preference is to stay away from the hospital and nursing home.

Virginia praised them for their flexibility, honesty, and willingness to learn new things such as assisting with dressing wounds. She said the biggest blessing she feels from having her daughters serve as her attendants is that they always do what is best for her.

Like other CDS attendants, Debora and Connie provide services such as personal care, housekeeping, and transportation so Virginia can remain independent in her home.

What is exceptional about this pair is that they are a solid team, alternating their work weeks to share the responsibilities and care of their mother.

Virginia said she is happy to have the girls available to do things that she can’t see well enough to do or move around well enough to do for herself.

Virginia knows all about teamwork, as it really runs in her blood. She was born a triplet (two girls and one boy) and has five daughters of her own. She said she has instilled a lot of love and work ethic into her daughters and grandchildren, which makes them perfect candidates to work for her.

The attendants said they appreciate being compensated for their work and the flexibility of the job, but above all they are very passionate about making sure their mother is well taken care of.

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